Help! Quickbooks Shows Inactive After Entering Validation Code

question-security-01234So, you’ve entered the validation code but Quickbooks is still being shown as inactive? Intuit uses validation codes to validate the authenticity of its software. When you install a new copy of Quickbooks on your computer or network, you’ll be prompted to enter this unique identifier. In most cases, it will validate without any issues, but there are times when Quickbooks may continue to be shown as inactive, even after you enter the correct code.

To fix this issue, you’ll first need to perform a clean reinstallation of the Quickbooks software — keyword being clean. This doesn’t mean that you can simply right-click “delete” the files and call it a day. Like other program installations, Quickbooks places small files within other areas of the computer, and failure to delete everything could result in data being left behind. A clean reinstallation involves using the Windows add/remove programs tools, which is found in Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. Choose “Quickbooks” from the list and follow the on-screen instructions. Once finished, you’ll be asked to restart your computer. Proceed with the restart, at which point you can install a new copy of Quickbooks.

You should now attempt to register Quickbooks. Registration is completely free, and although not required for the first 30 days, it offers several unique benefits, such as access to technical support, product updates, and more. Once those first 30 days have passed, however, you must register Quickbooks to continue using the software. Keep in mind that each and every copy of Quickbooks installed on your computer or network must also be registered. So if you have an office with half a dozen copies of Quickbooks running, each and every instance must be registered.

To register Quickbooks, fire up the software and press F2. This will reveal whether or nor the software is currently registered. If it’s already registered, you are in luck and don’t have to take any additional steps. If it’s not registered, click Help > Register Quickbooks. This will launch the registration Wizard that will take you through the steps of registering your Quickbooks account. Once the process has finished, restart your computer and check to see if it registered correctly by pressing F2 again. Assuming all went well, the software should say that it has been registered.

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