How to Match Downloaded Transactions in Quickbooks

address-agenda-appointment-331416-hStill struggling to match your downloaded transactions to those in Quickbooks? Many accountants and business owners need to match their downloaded transactions so they can see which ones have cleared their bank/financial institution, and which ones have not. If you don’t match them, you may accidentally make the same payment twice, assuming it hasn’t cleared. So, how do you match downloaded transactions in Quickbooks?

First an foremost, log into your Quickbooks account and open the “Add Transactions to Quickbooks” window. Intuit’s signature accounting software will automatically attempt to match downloaded transactions to similar entries that you register. Assuming the transaction and entry are the same, Quickbooks will match the two without any additional steps taken on your behalf. However, if it’s unable to find a match, Quickbooks will attempt to create a register transaction via the renaming rules.

When looking through your downloaded transaction matches, you can click the “Show” button to view new and/or matched transactions. Clicking the “Hide” button will conceal this data.

Next, click “Add Multiple” from within the the “Add Transactions to Quickbooks” window to add new downloaded transaction. Again, this is only necessary if Quickbooks did not already match the transaction to an existing entry. Click a matched or renamed transaction entry, followed by “Confirm This Match” or “Add to Quickbooks.” This will add the transaction to your existing account’s register. Last but not least, click an unmatched transaction and create a matching transaction in the right-hand menu, followed by “Add to Quickbooks” to add the new transaction to your register.

Assuming you followed the steps listed above, the downloaded transaction should now be added to your Quickbooks account, allowing you to match and compare them.

But what happens if you accidentally add the wrong transaction match to your Quickbooks account? Fear not, as there’s a quick and easy solution to rectify this problem. To either undo, add, match or transfer a transaction, click Transactions from the main navigation bar > Banking > select an account at the top of the page > click Quickbooks > find the transaction that you wish to undo > and click the “Undo” button at the right-hand side. Congratulations, you’ve just removed the erroneous transaction entry from your account!

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