5 Reasons to Use Quickbooks for Your Small Business Accounting

qa2Still haven’t jumped aboard the Quickbooks bandwagon? Small businesses from all industries and sectors can benefit from the use of Intuit’s signature accounting software.

Automatic Backups

Quickbooks allows for automated backups, ensuring your data is never lost. Just imagine if all of your past invoices, bills, payments and customer information was suddenly destroyed. For most small business owners, this could prov disastrous. Quickbooks aims to avoid this scenario with its automatic backup feature, storing users’ data securely to the cloud.

Ease of Integration

With Quickbooks, you can easily integrate your accounting documents with other commonly used platforms, including Microsoft Excel and even Quicken. So if you ever need to open and/or modify a Quickbooks file in one of the many supported platforms, you can do so thanks to its ease of integration. This is in stark contrast to many other types of accounting software which force users to remain isolated to their respective software.


We’ve talked about this before on the blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that Quickbooks supports dozens of keyboard shortcuts. In other words, you can simply press a key or combination of keys to perform a specific task. Most of these tasks can be performed manually via the Quickbooks interface, but using the shortcuts is sure to save you time and energy.

User-Friendly Interface

Arguably one of the greatest benefits of choosing Quickbooks for your small business accounting needs is the simple fact that it offers a clean, user-friendly interface. Trying to navigate through some of the other accounting software programs on the market can be daunting, especially for beginners. With Quickbooks, however, even first-time users can pick up the software and get started with little effort. It features “Wizards” that walk you through the steps of setting up your account and performing all of the necessary operations. And if you require further assistance, you’ll find Quickbooks has an extensive Help section that’s filled with answers to commonly asked questions.

Electronic Check Signing

A fifth reason to use Quickbooks is electronic check signing. Using this feature, you can scan signatures to prepare and create checks for your business. So instead of writing hundreds of checks manually, Quickbooks allows you to streamline the process with electronic check signing. This alone is reason enough to choose Quickbooks for your small business accounting needs.

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