How To Backup Your Quickbooks Files (The Easy Way)

Photoxpress_10411865(1)As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst, holds true in the realm of accounting. Hopefully nothing will ever happen to your important files and documents, but if it does, you should a second copy ready to get your business back online. Quickbooks offers a simple solution that allows users to backup their files, which we’re going to discuss further in this blog post.

Do I Really Need To Backup My Files?

There’s no rule stating that you must backup your Quickbooks files, but doing so will give you the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe in the event of hardware failure, software failure, device theft, flood, or a countless number of other disasters. Furthermore, Quickbooks makes it easy to create backups, with the entire process consisting of just a few simple steps.

Creating a Backup of Your Company File

To create a backup of your company file, open Quickbooks and choose File > Create Backup, at which point the self-help Wizard should launch. You can then click the Options button to specify things like the destination of your backup company file, how often you want to be reminded to backup your file, and whether or not to check your company file for damage before the backup is created. When you are finished with these options, click OK to proceed to the next step. Here, you’ll be asked to save the backup now, save the backup now and schedule future backups, or only schedule future backups.

If you wish to save the backup to a USB flash drive, CD, DVD or some other external storage device, insert it into your computer and click Next. If you wish to save the backup file now, change the name of the backup in the file window and click Save. Quickbooks will then begin creating your backup file.

It’s important to note that backup company files don’t contain all elements found within Quickbooks. They contain all of the essentials that you’ll need to recreate the company file, including templates, letters, logos, images, Financial Statement Designer, Cash Flow Projector, etc.



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