Intuit Hosts ‘Small Business Big Game’ Contest

c33719f38f3ba0f8d4ba5c5fd5db8004Intuit has announced plans to host its Small Business Big Game Contest for the second year. 2014 marked the first time the Quickbooks maker held the contest, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants from across the country. To learn more about Small Business Big Game and what it entitles, keep reading.

In case you missed it last year, Small Business Big Game was a contest in which small businesses compete for a chance to win a free ad during the most watched professional sporting event on television — yes, the Super Bowl. With the average cost of 30-second ad now exceeding $4 million, and the cost for a 60-second ad exceeding $8 million, that’s a pretty substantial reward to say the least. Intuit lived up to its promise by rewarding Quickbooks user Goldiblox a free ad spot.

Many people were asking how Intuit could afford to give away a free ad spot during the Super Bowl. After all, they are still required to pay for the ad. The general belief, however, was that it was a one-time deal, with Intuit closing the doors on its contest after the 2014 Super Bowl.

It appears this isn’t’ the case, however, as Intuit is planning to bring back its highly popular Small Business Big Game contest for a second time this year. The rules are pretty much the same: the campaign will be open to entries and voting starting on June 1st. The top 10 finalist based on number of votes will be revealed on Sept 3rd, all of whom will receive a paid tip to Intuit’s Quickbooks Connect Conference where the top 3 winners will be publicly announced.

One key difference with this year’s Small Business Big Game is that both small business owners and accountants are allowed to enter. So if you’re an accountant who’s looking to nab an ad spot during the Super Bowl, sign up on June 1st!

“It takes courage every single day to be a small business owner, and it’s important that we celebrate their determination and recognize their ongoing contributions as the backbone of our economy,” said Rancic, small business author, advocate and co-owner of Xo, G Wine and RPM restaurant group. “The return of QuickBooks Small Business Big Game fuels small business success while giving them a voice to be heard on a national platform that will inspire, educate and connect them in a big way.”

What do you think of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game contest?

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