How To Export a Quickbooks File To Quicken

computer-intelligence-01Want to export your Quickbooks data to a Quicken-compatible format? While Quickbooks has become the leading and more popular business accounting software on the market, it’s not uncommon for some business owners to also use Quicken. However, the default settings of Quickbooks and Quicken have their own unique file format, preventing users from opening one file type in the other software. The good news is that you can still export a Quickbooks data to Quickbook.

Chart of Accounts

The first step in converting Quickbooks data to Quicken is to export your chart of accounts and vendor list. After opening Quickbooks, choose File > Utilities > Export > and Lists To IFF Files. Next, select the chart of accounts that you wish to export to Quicken and save it to your computer. Here’s the important part: select IFF as your preferred file type.

To export the vendor list, you’ll need to access the vendor center in Quickbooks and click the button labeled “Excel” in the header. Next, choose Export Vendor List > Export. Give your file a name and click the Save button to save it to your computer. And like before, you’ll want to make sure the file type is set to IFF format.

Transferring Data To Quicken Format

After saving your chart of accounts and vendor lists to your desktop, you can start transferring it into a Quicken-compatible format. Go ahead and open both of these files using Microsoft Excel. This is done by right clicking on the file, choosing the “Open With” option, and selecting Microsoft Excel. Once Excel is open, select File > Export > and choose the QIF format (note: that’s Quicken format).

Now that you have your chart of accounts and vendor lists, you can begin transferring the account into Quicken format. Located the previously saved files on your desktop or hard drive and open them using Microsoft Excel. If this is your first time attempting to open files using this method, let me explain how it’s done: locate the file and right click on the icon using your mouse. You should then see a list of options appear, one of which should say “Open With.” Hover over the option and left click on Micosoft Excel. This will tell your computer to open the file using Excel. After doing this for both the chart of accounts and vendor lists, you should now be able to open them in Quicken

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