5 Reasons To Choose Hosted Quickbooks For Your Accounting Needs

online-anonymous-01Can’t seem to choose between Quickbooks Online and Hosted Quickbooks? It’s a common assumption that these two services are the same. While they share some similarities, however, Hosted Quickbooks offers several benefits that aren’t found in Quickbooks Online. To learn more about Hosted Quickbooks and why you should choose it, keep reading.

#1) Access Quickbooks Anytime, Anywhere

Hosted Quickbooks is stored on the cloud, meaning you can access your account from anywhere in the world, at anytime you choose — assuming you have an active Internet connection. This alone makes Hosted Quickbooks worth the investment, but there are several other benefits worth noting.

#2) Use Existing Quickbooks Licenses

Unlike Quickbooks Online, Hosted Quickbooks allows customers and clients to use their existing desktop-version Quickbooks licenses. The license is simply transferred to the company or third-party vendor offering the hosting services. Once activated, clients can continue using their Quickbooks without the need for a second license.

#3) Automatic Backups

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours performing accounting work in Quickbooks only for your hard drive to crash, resulting in a loss of data. This type of nightmare scenario can be avoided by using Hosted Quickbooks. The hosted version of Intuit’s Quickbooks software comes with automatic backups, so you don’t have to worry about hardware malfunction, system crashes, viruses, etc. In the event that you lose your data, you can rest assured knowing it’s backed up on the cloud.

#4) Faster Updates

You might be surprised to learn that authorized hosts are the first to receive new Quickbooks updates. Intuit gives authorized hosts first class treatment, allowing them to deliver new versions of the software to their customers and clients. Why is this important? Well, these updates may improve performance, fix bugs and vulnerabilities, add new features, and create a better all-around environment for users.

#5) Easier To Set Up and Use

Hosted Quickbooks is easier to set up and use than traditional desktop versions of Quickbooks. When a user purchases a desktop version of Quickbooks, he or she must manual install it on their own computer. This takes time, patience and some basic understanding of the software. Hosted Quickbooks, on the other hand, is done completely by the respective hosting company or vendor. They’ll take care of the leg work associated with installing and setting up Quickbooks, eliminating the need for manual installations.

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