4 Reasons Why You Should Use Cloud Computing

2000px-Cloud_computing.svgIn the past few years, more and more services are using cloud technology. You can find everything from accounting software like Quickbooks Online to tax software and general word application programs available through cloud computing. Unfortunately, though, some people are still stuck in the mindset that it’s no better than using a traditional home computer. If you are on the fence about using cloud computing, keep reading to learn 4 essential reasons why you should make the switch.

Reason #1 – Access Programs and Files Using Multiple Devices

Cloud computing refers to a technology where hardware and software is accessed from a remote location, typically using network or IP technology. This definition can undoubtedly be confusing to some, so let me try to explain it in more basic terms – think of a large cloud where all of your favorite programs and important data is stored. You can access this cloud using multiple devices from anywhere in the world. Depending on the particular service or program, it will usually allow you to use everything from your computer to tablet PC and smartphone.

Reason #2 – Protects Your Files

I think we’ve all been the victim of a system crash or hardware failure that resulted in a loss of data. The good news is that cloud computing saves all of your data at a remote location where it’s protected against such disasters. If your home computer were to crash or even get stolen, all of your important data would still be saved on the cloud. You simply log back into the cloud, download the files on your computer or device, and it’s like nothing ever happened. This alone should be reason enough for you to make the switch to cloud computing.

Reason #3 – Works With Multiple Users

Ever find yourself working on a project with other people? Trying to pass a USB drive back and forth probably isn’t the best way to share information. You might as well be sending smoke signals if you are still using USB flash drives. Instead, you should consider working on the project through a cloud-based medium. Doing so will allow everyone to work on the project at the same time without any discrepancies.

Reason #4 – Faster and More Efficient

A forth benefit of cloud technology is the fact that it uses hardware at a remote location. When you are crunchy heavy numbers and date, you’ll need a processor that’s capable of performing these intense operations. Traditional home computers might not offer enough power for this type of computing; however, high-end servers stored on the cloud are designed for extreme workloads, making them a better choice.

Hopefully, this will give you some insight on cloud computing and the reasons why so many people are using it. Cloud computing is a simple concept with some enormous benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. While we’ve listed 4 of the top benefits here, there are many other reasons why people use it.

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