Why Businesses Should Embrace Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a term that’s become all-too familiar in today’s ever-connected world of digital technology. From next-gen video game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to software applications and programs, cloud computing is everywhere you look. Even in the midst of this newfound popularity, however, many people are left scratching their head as they try to understand what exactly it is.

The short definition of cloud computing — which is also the easiest to understand — is that it’s computing power offered as a service rather than physical hardware. In other words, it features a central hub of high-end computers and/or servers that perform the computing operations of connected users. The “cloud” refers to this hub, which is usually compatible with a variety of different devices (desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.).

There are several different reasons why businesses should embrace cloud computing technology, one of which is ease of maintenance. Cloud computing applications and programs are easier to maintain since they are only installed on the central hub (AKA the cloud). When an update is required, the operator must only perform maintenance on the cloud as opposed to updating hundreds or even thousands of client devices. This alone is reason enough for many businesses to invest in a cloud-based network solution.

Cloud computing is typically a more cost-effective approach to setting up an infrastructure. The resources are allocated more efficiently to prevent waste. Costs of cloud computing are also lowered since there’s less maintenance required, a benefit we previously discussed.

But the benefits of cloud computing for businesses don’t end there. Another reason why so many businesses prefer this type of setup is because it provides greater security. With everything stored on a central hub, there’s less risk for malicious attacks. IT teams can easily set up firewalls and perform regular security maintenance to prevent against malicious attacks.

Arguably, the greatest benefit of all is the simple fact that users can log into the cloud from a variety of different computers and devices. Assuming they have the proper login credentials to the cloud, users can access it from any connected to device.  If an employee is vacationing out of state and needs to access his or her files to make an emergency change, they can do so by logging into the cloud from an internet-connected computer or device.

Did we leave out any other benefits of cloud computing for businesses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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