How To Access Quickbooks Database Server Manager

server01 Quickbooks Database Server Manager is a tool that allows users to configure the Quickbooks Server for multi-user access. By default, Quickbooks opens company files in single-user mode; however, this can be changed by configuring the Database Server Manager. If you’re looking to create a multi-user environment in Quickbooks, keep reading to learn more about the Database Server Manager and how to set it up for multiple users.

How To Open Quickbooks Database Server Manager:

  1. Click the Start button (Windows PCs)
  2. Choose Programs
  3. Choose Quickbooks
  4. Choose Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Quickbooks Database Server Manager Scan Folders Feature

One of the nifty features included in Quickbooks Database Server Manager is the ability to scan files and folders for multi-user compatibility. If you want other users to access the files, you must scan them to ensure they are compatible for a multi-user environment. Thankfully, Quickbooks Database Server Manager makes this a quick and easy process.

To perform a file/folder scan of Quickbooks, launch the Database Server Manager (see steps above), select the folders which contain the company files. In the event that you do not know which folders contain the company files, you can choose to scan the entire drive. This obviously takes longer, but it’s guaranteed to catch all hidden files that may otherwise go unnoticed. After selecting the appropriate folders, click the Scan button to initiate the scanning process. Quickbooks will prompt you when the scan is complete, at which point all scanned files are ready for multi-user access.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager Monitored Drives Feature

Another feature that’s available in Quickbooks Database Server Manager is Monitored Drives. This feature is designed to keep the Quickbooks Database Server Manager up to date as you add new files the the server. To use the Monitored Drives feature, access the Quickbooks Database Server Manager > Monitored Drives. Select all drives that you wish to be monitored for new files. If you plan on adding files to a specific drive, go ahead and select it during the Monitored Drives setup. Confirm the changes when prompted and Quickbooks will automatically scan these drives without any additional action taken on your part.

These are just two of the many features offered in Quickbooks Database Server Manager. Some of the other features include Updates feature, System Feature and Database Server Feature, all of which have their own unique functions.

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