Is Your Company Relocating? Update Your Quickbooks Information.

photograph-scan-clifford-1183069-l-480x300If your company is planning to move in the near future, you’ll want to update your Quickbooks information to reflect this new location. Allowing the old address to remain present in your account may result in erroneous receipts, tax forms, invoices and transaction data. A wrong address won’t affect transaction balances, but it’s still a poor business practice that’s easily prevented by updating your account.

When you are ready to change your company’s address, access the Company menu > Company information. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to change the name of your company, phone number, street address, and more. Go ahead and enter the new address of your company into the respective field. Double check it to make sure it’s correct and click Ok to save the changes the proceed.

That’s all it takes to change your company’s address in Quickbooks! After updating the Company information, all new receipts, invoices, etc. will contain the new address. And if you happen to move back to your old address, you can revert to the old address by following these same steps.

If you pay your employees through direct deposit, you’ll need to perform a couple additional steps to reflect the new address in your payroll payments. Assuming this is done before the next automatic payroll goes out, there shouldn’t be any discrepancies created as a result of the address change. To perform the update to payroll payments, access the Employees menu >Send Payroll data. Check to make sure there are no pending payroll payments and click Send to send a payroll for $0.

So, what’s the purpose of this? Sending a $0 payroll removes the old address from the direct deposit system, essentially updating it with the new address for all future payroll payments. Failure to perform this update will result in the old address being tied to the payroll payments.

Note: some users may experience an error message when attempting to update their company’s address with DIY Direct Deposit enabled. If you’re experiencing this error message, access the Employees menu > My Payroll Services > Account/Billing Information. You will then need to sign into your account using the respective username/password combination. Click sign in and you’ll be given access to your company information, including name and address. Add your new address and click Ok to save the changes and close the menu.

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