Requirements For Intuit’s Commercial Hosting Program

datacenter-01-480x300The Intuit Commercial Hosting Program is a program which allows legally authorized and accredited third-party companies, such as MyVao, to host desktop versions of Quickbooks for clients. Not to be confused with Quickbooks Online, this program is designed strictly for Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant and Point of Sale, all of which are designed for desktop use. Once a client signs up for the service through an accredited third-party company, he or she accesses Quickbooks through a remote terminal connection.

Being that desktop versions of Quickbooks can be installed and ran on traditional desktop and laptop computers, you might be wondering why customers would choose to sign up for the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program. Well, there are numerous benefits and features in the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program which aren’t available in standalone Quickbooks. See below for a list of some of the top benefits offered by the program.

Intuit Commercial Hosting Program Benefits:

  • Additional customer support (available through Intuit and the hosting company).
  • Automated backups to protect your sensitive financial data from being lost.
  • Access Quickbooks anytime, anywhere using a computer with an active internet connection and a remote desktop terminal.
  • Connect to Quickbooks from multiple office locations.
  • Save money by eliminating the need for expensive server upkeep and maintenance.
  • Professional hosting companies to handle the technical aspect of Quickbooks, allowing business owners to focus on growing and expanding their business.
  • Fewer desktop application updates.

But Intuit doesn’t allow just any third-party company to enter its Hosting Program. In order to maintain their reputation as the undisputed leader in accounting software/services, they have a strict set of requirements that all third-party companies must pass. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the company being denied access to the Intuit Commercial Hosting Program.

List of Requirements For Intuit’s Commercial Host Program:

  • Own or rent a SSAE 16 Certified Tier 1 data center that’s physically located in the U.S. (foreign data centers are not accepted).
  • Pay startup fees, monthly fees and annual fees (note: fees vary depending on the number of clients).
  • Sign an agreement with Intuit to enter the Commercial Host Program.
  • All clients who wish to sign up for the Commercial Host Program via a third-party company must sign a separate agreement with Intuit.
  • Provide all Quickbooks users with access to their Quickbooks license information.
  • Provide all Quickbooks users with access to their registered, licensed product.
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