Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise 101: Everything You Need To Know

hooked-hook-plugged-210899-mQuickbooks Enterprise is considered the “king” of all desktop-run Quickbooks programs. It’s a highly versatile accounting program that offers more room for growth and expansion than any other Intuit product on the market. Whether your business is small, large or anywhere in between, you’ll appreciate the unique combination of versatility and simplicity of Quickbooks Enterprise.

If you want to take the plunge into Quickbooks Enterprise, you’ll need to decide whether to install it on your own computer or choose a hosting provider, such as There’s certainly nothing wrong with using Quickbooks Enterprise on your own desktop computer, but Intuit’s Commercial Hosting Program offers some unique benefits that shouldn’t be ignored.

Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise basically means that your licensed copy of Quickbooks Enterprise will be installed on an authorized third-party vendor. It’s a common assumption that Hosted Quickbooks is the same as Quickbooks Online, but this isn’t the case. Hosted Quickbooks is the full desktop version of the software (which in this case is Quickbooks Enterprise) installed on third-party server or data center.

Choosing Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise as opposed to installing the software on your own desktop computer will likely result in faster speeds and more processing power. You have to remember that third-party companies who participate in Intuit’s Commercial Hosting Program have high-end “super computers” that run clients’ Quickbooks. This translates into faster speeds and more processing power for users such as yourself.

Of course, Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise also offers a greater level of customer support. Intuit is known for their outstanding customer support, which is something that’s rare in today’s professional world. But having your Quickbooks Enterprise installed on a licensed third-party vendor offers one more level of customer support. Whether you need assistance setting up your account, troubleshooting or basic maintenance, you can contact the hosting provider for help.

Now for the question that’s likely on your mind: Should I choose Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise for my business accounting? It really depends on the unique needs of your business, as some businesses will take full advantage of its features, while others can suffice with a cheaper Quickbooks product. One of the key selling points of Quickbooks Enterprise is the fact that it allows access to 30 users simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for larger businesses. Combined with the increased speed and customer support of having it hosted by a licensed third-party vendor, it’s no wonder why so many business owners choose Hosted Quickbooks Enterprise.

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