How To Save Quickbooks Files In PDF Format

pdf-01Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most widely used file formats for documents. One of the features that makes this universal file format stand out from the rest is its ability to preserve font styles, font sizes, formatting and even images, all of which are critical when running a business. And being that Adobe offers a free PDF reader (Acrobat® Reader®), there’s really no reason why business owners shouldn’t use this format for their files.

If you manage your business using Intuit Quickbooks, you might be wondering if it’s possible to save your files in PDF format. Quickbooks doesn’t save files in PDF format by default, but it’s certainly capable of doing so with a little work on your part. In fact, Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks) will automatically include a download link to Acrobat® Reader® in all emails containing a PDF file, allowing clients and associates to easily read the respective documents.

Email Forms

While documents saved locally are not automatically converted to PDF format, Quickbooks does in fact convert emailed documents to this universal format. Whether you’re emailing a sales receipt, purchase order, sales order, memo, bank statement, etc., Quickbooks will automatically convert the document into PDF format. In addition, it will also include a download link to the free Adobe PDF reader.

It’s the small things such as this that attract so many business owners to Intuit Quickbooks. There’s no need to manually convert your files to PDF format before emailing them, as Quickbooks takes care of this for you. Sure, this may only save you a couple of minutes, but those minutes will quickly add up over the course of your business. And in the highly competitive free-trade marketplace, that extra time can mean the difference between success and failure.

What About Local Files?

In order to save Quickbooks files locally in PDF format, you need to specify the format beforehand. Start by pulling up the form you wish to save in PDF format. Next, click on the tap labeled ‘File,’ followed by ‘Save as.’ You should now be able to choose from a wide variety of format options. Scroll through the available formats until you see PDF. Select PDF as the file format, choose a destination on your computer or storage disk and click ‘Save.’ Voila, your Quickbooks file will now be saved in PDF format to the specified location.

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