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quickbooks-pro-01Running a business shouldn’t get in the way of running a business. Unfortunately, however, this leads to the downfall of hundreds of new businesses each year. When the owner is forced to spend all of his or her time performing accounting work, they aren’t able to grow and expand the business; thus, sending it spiraling downwards. Hosted Quickbooks Pro is designed to simplify the process of business accounting so you can focus on the real things that matter — like creating strong professional relationships and growing your business.

Hosted Quickbooks Pro is part of the Intuit Hosting Program, meaning the software is hosted on super computers, known as servers, which are operated and maintained by licensed third-party companies. Intuit has a very strict set of rules and requirements in order for a company to participate in their Hosting Program. The official Intuit Quickbooks website stated the following:

To become Intuit-Authorized, the hosting company must undergo an application process and an independent third-party accreditation for each selected host.”

Quickbooks Pro is available in both desktop and hosted versions. To achieve the greatest level of productivity and efficiency offered by this versatile accounting program, you’ll probably want to stick with the hosted version. Having your copy of Quickbooks Pro hosted on a third-party server means you can access it from anywhere, anytime, regardless as to whether or not you have access to your personal computer. Just log in to the server using a remote desktop connection tool and you’ll be granted full control over your Quickbooks Pro software.

Top Features of Hosted Quickbooks Pro:

  • Simplified customer forms.
  • Contact information for customers, vendors and employees automatically stored.
  • Track and follow sales leads using Quickbooks Pro ‘Lead Center.’
  • Document Center allows users to attach and store related documents.
  • Access to a wide variety of report templates.
  • Ability to track bounced checks.
  • Track sales and revenue.
  • Download financial information from bank and/or credit card accounts directly into Quickbooks Pro.
  • Import Excel, Quicken and Microsoft Office Accounting data.

One of the decisions you’ll have to make when signing up for Quickbooks Pro is whether to purchase the desktop or hosted version. The actual software for both of these options is the same; however, the difference is that Hosted Quickbooks Pro offers a greater level of support along with better computing power. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the both the hosted and desktop versions to determine which one is right for you.

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