How Does The Intuit Hosting Program Work?

Photoxpress_773631-300x200If you’ve spent any time browsing through the different accounting products and services offered by Intuit, you may come across something known as the Intuit Hosting Program. Since the program isn’t required to run and operate Quickbooks, many first-time users avoid it. However, the Intuit Hosting Program is a versatile service that offers some key advantages not found in self-hosted versions of the software.

What Is The Intuit Hosting Program?

Still scratching your head trying to figure out what exactly is the Intuit Hosting Program? Basically, it’s a service which allows you to host your licensed copy of Quickbooks (see the list of compatible products below) on a remote location owned and maintained by an authorized facility. The facility is responsible for maintaining the software on their servers so users can freely log in and access it from their internet-enabled computer.

If that explanation is a bit too technical, let me try to break it down: the Intuit Hosting Program allows users to host their Quickbooks files on a remote server rather than their own computer. This benefits the user in a number of ways, such as increased security protection through data encryption, automatic file backups, better support, faster speeds and more.

List of Quickbooks products compatible with Intuit Hosting Program:

  • Quickbooks Pro
  • Quickbooks Premier
  • Quickbooks Accountant Edition
  • Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale

Note: only the products mentioned above are compatible with the Intuit Hosting Program. If you own a licensed version of Quickbooks that’s not mentioned here, you’ll have to install and use it in your own computer.

The first step in hosting your licensed version of Quickbooks on a remote host is to find an Intuit-authorized hosting provider. Intuit maintains a set of strict standards which third-party providers must abide by. Each hosting company that’s approved for the program must first go through an application process along with an independent accreditation. This is necessary to ensure the hosting company is capable of meeting users’ demands.

The Intuit Hosting Program isn’t necessary to run or use Quickbooks, but it does offer some rather than unique benefits. Along with the peace of mind knowing that your files are safely stored on a remote location, you can take advantage of the additional tech support offered by the third-party hosting provider. is fully authorized by Intuit to participate in the Intuit Hosting Program. Be sure to check out our unbeatable service and competitive rates!

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