Help! Quickbooks Isn’t Printing My Checks Correctly

paper feedAre you experiencing problems or errors when printing checks in Quickbooks? Whether you’re printing one check or one hundred, you need them to be completely accurate; otherwise, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to a wide range of problems later down the road. The good news is that most printing-related Quickbooks issues are fairly easy to fix. In this blog post, we’re going to reveal some of the most common check printing problems and how to fix them.

Checks Printing In Reverse

Here’s a scenario to consider: you begin printing a batch of checks from your Quickbooks account and notice they are coming out of the printer in a reverse order. Most people would probably assume this type of problem is caused by a Quickbooks setting or error; however, checks printing in reverse is actually caused by the printer. Some printers are designed to print documents in reverse — whether they are checks or basic Word documents.

If you wish to print your checks in normal order, you’ll need to adjust the settings on your printer. This can be done be going into your Control Panel –> Printers –> Printing Preferences –> select option to print first page first. Click ‘Apply’ and close out of the window. The next time you print a batch of checks from your Quickbooks account, it should follow in the appropriate order.

Out-of-Position Text

Another common problem some users may experience when printing their checks is out-of-position text. Perhaps the recipient’s name or check amount has shifted to either the right or left side.

Typically, out-of-position text is the direct result of ink cartridges misaligned. Again, this is a problem that’s related to the actual printer and not your Quickbooks settings. You must go into your printer’s settings to align the ink cartridges in order to fix it. The exact steps for this varies depending on the particular model printer, but you can usually find an option to align the ink cartridges under Printing Preferences.

Wrong Date on Printed Checks

A third printing problem that we’re going to discuss here involves checks printing with the wrong date. If your checks are being printed with the wrong date, you’ll need to go back and adjust them in your Quickbooks account. There are two ways to change check dates: using either the Write Checks window or bank account register. Go into either of these settings to adjust your checks to the appropriate date.

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