Add Users To a Multi-User Account

retail-management-01-150x150In a previous blog post, we discussed how to set up and use multi-user mode in Quickbooks. It’s a pretty simple process that should only take about 5 minutes (assuming you follow the instructions). Something that we talk about, however, was how to add users to a multi-user account. If you’re still struggling to add new users to your account, keep reading for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Note: only the administrator can add new users to the account. This is a security measure put in place to prevent unwanted users from gaining access. If every user on the account could add more users, it would create a serious security issue for large companies. Before you can add new users to your account, you must log in as the administrator.

How To Add a User

To add new users to your Quickbooks account, access the Company Menu and select ‘Set Up New Users and Passwords.’ You’ll now have several new options to choose from, one of which is ‘Set Up Users.’ Select this option and proceed to the next step.

Select ‘Add User’ and enter a name for the new user. Although it’s technically optional, it’s recommended that you also add a password to each new user during this step. Under the ‘Add User’ option, you’ll be given the chance to create both a name and password for the user.

Areas of Access

After entering the name and password of the new user, Quickbooks will then prompt you for access restrictions. There are two ways to go about this step: you can give the new user full access to the account, which includes everything from changing passwords to importing and exporting data, or you can give them restricted access to certain parts of the account. Choosing the latter of the two allows you to specify exactly which areas the new user can access.

There are a couple more steps left before the new user is successfully added to your account. If you choose to restrict certain areas of Quickbooks to the new user, you’ll need to specify them now. Quickbooks offers a fast and friendly way to select the appropriate areas of access, so go through and select the appropriate ones.

You’ll then be asked whether or not to allow the new user to edit and delete transactions (note: this is different from the restrictions previously mentioned). Select the desired option followed by ‘Finish.’

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