How To Use Multi-User Mode In QuickBooks®

silhouette of a crowdMulti-user mode is a feature which allows multiple users to access and perform tasks within the same Quickbooks account. If you own or manage a large business, you may find the need for multiple users to access Quickbooks. Thankfully, Intuit has addressed this need by incorporating this feature into their accounting software. To learn more about multi-user mode and how to set it up within your Quickbooks account, keep reading.

Note: some features, such as banking, aren’t available in multi-user mode. This is a security measure which prevents unwanted users from accessing the company’s bank account. With that said, you’ll likely find most Quickbooks features are available in multi-user mode with the exception of banking.

Set Multi-User Mode as Default

Typically, Quickbooks will open a company file in single-user mode. However, you can change the settings to open files in multi-user mode by default in just a couple simple steps. If you’re tired of manually switching over to multi-user mode each time you open a new company file, you should change the settings to open them in multi-user mode by default.

To set Quickbooks to open company files in multi-user mode, click on ‘File,’ followed by ‘Open or Restore a Company File.’  Select ‘Open a Company File’ and ‘Next.’ You should now see a list of all your current company files (assuming you have multiple). Select the file you wish to open in multi-user mode and click the checkbox next to ‘Open in Multi-User Mode.’ Congratulations, you’ve just set the company file to open in multi-user mode as default! If you wish to revert back to single-user mode as default, follow the same steps but instead choose ‘Single-User Mode.’

Open a Company File In Multi-User Mode

Opening a company file in multi-user mode is similar to the steps mentioned above. Start by accessing the file menu and select ‘Open or Restore a Company File.’ Select ‘Open a Company’ to proceed to the next step. Note: company files are .QBW format. You should then see an option for ‘Open in Multi-User Mode.’ Select this option and open the file.

Following the steps outlined here will allow you to turn on multi-user mode within your Quickbooks account. Just remember that multi-user mode only works with the specified company file. If you wish to enable this feature on several different company files, you must repeat the steps using the preferred .QBW file(s)..

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