Accept Credit Card Payments From Customers Using Quickbooks Online

online-credit-card-purchaseOne of the many reasons why business owners should choose Quickbooks Online as their primary accounting/management platform is because it allows customers to make payments using a credit card. Whether you are subscribed to Simple Start, Essentials or Plus, all Quickbooks Online versions offer credit card payment processing. If you’re looking to branch out your professional operations by accepting credit card payments, keep reading to learn more about enabling this feature in Quickbooks Online.

There are a couple different methods for accepting credit card payments with Quickbooks Online, one of which is by swiping the client’s card using a USB reader. Some business owners assume these USB credit card readers are expensive and difficult to use, but thankfully this isn’t true. On the contrary, they are actually relatively inexpensive and will likely save you money in the long run. You can purchase a basic USB card reader online for about $20 bucks.

Of course, you’ll also need to set up a merchant account with each of the respective credit card services whom you wish to accept from clients. Assuming you take the route of using a USB reader, you’ll benefit from lower transaction fees. Just plug the card reader into your desktop computer or laptop’s USB port and ‘swipe’ the client’s card to accept their payment. See below for a more in-depth breakdown on the process of accepting credit card payments with a USB reader in Quickbooks.

When a customer is reader to make a purchase using a credit card, fire up your Quickbooks account and select ‘Sales Receipt’ from the ‘Customers’ tab. Go ahead and fill out all of the necessary information, including client, transaction amount, product, date, etc. When you are finished, click the ‘Payment’ drop-down box and choose the credit card they wish to pay with. Next, take the client’s credit card and swipe it into the USB reader. If the reader successfully accesses the card, it will reveal the information on your Quickbooks account. Click ‘Save’ to process the transaction and save it into your Quickbooks account.

You can also accept credit card payments through the invoice page of your Quickbooks account. From the ‘Customers’ tab, select ‘Invoice’ to fill out the appropriate information related to the transaction. Next, click the ‘Payment’ button and choose the appropriate credit card from the drop-down menu. Rather than using the USB reader, you’ll need to enter in the customer’s card number and info manually.

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