How To Change Company Information In Quickbooks

question-mark-04Here’s a scenario for business owners to consider: your business has grown to the point where its current office/building is no longer suitable, so you move to a larger complex at a different address. Not that you’ve moved, however, all of your checks, invoices, tax documents, and other forms printed through Quickbooks display the wrong address. So, how do you fix this issue? Thankfully, Quickbooks makes the process of changing your company information quick and easy. In just a couple of minutes, you can update all of your financial forms with your new information; here’s how you do it:

Log into Quickbooks as either the administrator or a user with admin privileges. Next, go the company menu and select the option labeled ‘Company Information.’ This should bring up the current company information associated with your Quickbooks account, including name, phone number, street address, and email. If any of this information has changed (or all of it), you can update it now. Simply clear out the current company information listed in the box and replace it with your new information.

Note: if your company’s legal information is different from its standard information, you’ll need to enter it under the section labeled ‘Legal Information.’  Quickbooks automatically uses the company name, address and phone number from this section on tax documents such as 1099s, W-2s, W-3s, paystubs, etc. Most companies use the same legal information as their standard information, but some may have special setups. It’s important to check and make sure this information is correct; otherwise, your tax documents could end up being invalid.

Quickbooks also allows users its users to specify a different shipping address for their company. Under the ‘Company Information’ menu, look for a tab labeled ‘Ship To Address.’  If you want products to ship to a different address than your company’s physical headquarters, you’ll need to enter it under this field. It’s not uncommon for retail businesses to have their goods shipped to a distribution center or directly to their store, while their headquarters are located elsewhere.

There are several other options available in the ‘Company Information’ menu, including Social Security and Employer Identification Number. If a small business owner wants to transition from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or S-Corp, for instance, he or she will need to update their SSN or EIN with the appropriate information.

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