How To Access and Use Quickbooks From Your Smartphone

smartphone-01-461x300Here’s a scenario for business owners to consider: you’re talking to a potential client and make a sale, but unfortunately you aren’t in the office to record it in your Quickbooks account. I think most business owners have found themselves in this situation at some point or another. And while you can always wait until you get back to the office, there’s a chance you could forget to record the transaction in Quickbooks. Thankfully, Quickbooks offers a quick and easy solution to this problem with their versatile yet easy-to-use smartphone applications.

Quickbooks Online: Apple Users

The Apple iPhone version of Quickbooks mobile can be found here. It’s offered with a free 30-day trial, and if you like the service, you can continue using it for just $12.99/month.  Simply download the app to your computer and move it to your smartphone via USB cable, or connect to iTunes from your Apple smartphone or tablet and download it directly to your device.

While Quickbooks mobile doesn’t offer all of the features of the desktop version, users can still perform a wide variety of operations, including billing, sales receipts, track sales, manage customers, convert estimates into invoices, manage balances, and much more. With a rating of 4/5 stars on iTunes, you can rest assured knowing this app is the real deal.

Once the app is installed on your Apple smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to provide the login information to access your account. Again, this is the login information associated with your paid Quickbooks account. As long as you currently have a paid and active account, you can access it via this app.

Note: Apple users must have iOS 7 or newer installed in order for Quickbooks Mobile 3.0 to work.

Quckbooks Online: Android Users

Don’t worry Android users, Quickbooks has you covered, as well. You can access the Android version of the Quickbooks Mobile app by clicking here. Like the Apple version, this one is completely free to download and comes with a 30-day trial. Mobile users may continue to use the Quickbooks Android app for $12.99/month or $124.99/year.

Some of the many features offered with the Android version of Quickbooks Online includes invoice creation, email, create new vendor expenses, track payments, company file creation, taxes, schedule appointments, customer call notifications, download bank statements, and much more.

If you’re the type of business owner who’s always on the go, you should consider using Quickbooks Online. It’s a simple application that allows you to perform a wide variety of Quickbooks activities straight from your smartphone or tablet computer.

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