Which Version of Quickbooks Online Is Right For My Business?

quickbooks-online-01Still struggling to choose between Quickbooks Online Simple Start, Quickbooks Online Essentials, and Quickbooks Online Plus? There are several key advantages to choosing Quickbooks Online (either of the three previously mentioned) over the desktop version, one of which is the simple fact that you can access your account from any internet-enabled computer, along with certain devices. However, there are some major differences between each of the online versions that users need to be aware of. Here, we’re going to reveal some of the unique features of each version to help you make the best choice for your business.

Note: all versions of Quickbooks Online are free to try for 30 days. In the highly unlikely event that you aren’t completely satisfied, simply cancel your account within the 30-day time frame to avoid being billed. Going for a ‘test drive’ with Quickbooks Online is oftentimes the most effective way to determine which version is best suited for your professional accounting needs.

Price Comparison

Let’s first go over the pricing differences between Quickbooks Online versions. As previously stated, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to ‘test’ out Simple Start, Online Essentials or Online Plus. There’s no catch or hidden terms; just cancel your account within a month if you aren’t happy. With that said, here’s the current pricing for Quickbooks Online:

  • Quickbooks Online Simple Start – $12.95/month
  • Quickbooks Online Essentials – $26.95/month
  • Quickbooks Online Plus – $39.95/month

Considering all of the features packed into Quickbooks Online Plus, you’re really getting a whole lot of bang for your buck with this version. At just $39.95/month, it’s still competitively priced when compared to similar business accounting software, making it an excellent choice for companies of all sizes. Of course, small S-Corp or individual LLC businesses may get by just fine with Simple Start, saving a little money in the process. This is why it’s important to go through all of the features offered in each version before making a decision.

Notable Differences Between Quickbooks Online Versions:

  • Automatic invoice scheduling is only offered in Quickbooks Online Essentials and Quickbooks Online Plus.
  • Purchase orders is limited to Online Plus.
  • Manage and pay bills from vendors is limited to Online Essentials and Online Plus.
  • Schedule payments is limited to Online Essentials and Online Plus.
  • Industry Trends is limited to Online Essentials and Online Plus.
  • Simple Start is limited to a single user, while 3 people can use Online Essentials simultaneously and 5 people can use Online Plus simultaneously.
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