Why Won’t Quickbooks Save Sales Receipt Without a Customer Job?

reciept-11-480x360Struggling to save sales receipts in your Quickbooks account without having a Customer:Job attached? In some of the older versions of Quickbooks, users could add sales receipts without having this information attached. In Quickbooks 8 and newer, however, you’ll likely receive an error when attempting to save sales receipts without a Customer:Job. It’s downright frustrating when you receive an error message each time you perform a basic operation like saving receipts, but the good news is that you can solve this problem in just a few easy steps. To learn more about saving sales receipts without a Customer:Job, keep reading.

Assuming you are attempting to save a sales receipt without a Customer:Job in Quickbooks 8 or newer, there’s a good chance you will see the following error message: “Warning: Sales receipts that are paid by credit card via Intuit Merchant Service must be associated with a customer. From the Customer:Job drop-down list, choose a customer, or you can enter a new one.”

Option #1) Add a Customer:Job To Your Sales Receipts

There are a couple of different solutions available to solve this problem, one of which is to attach the respective customer to each and every sales receipt you add to your Quickbooks account. Yes, this is somewhat time-consuming, and oftentimes unnecessary in certain situations, but having a Customer:Job element added to your sales receipts will prevent this error dialog box from popping up on your screen. However, taking the time to add this information to your sales receipts will provide for a more thorough accounting; thus, reducing the chance of errors in the future.

Option #2) Add a ‘fake’ Customer:Job To Your Sales Receipts

A second option available is to create a ‘fake’ Customer:Job and amend it to all of your sales receipts. Rather than using the actual customer, you can simply add a fake one to bypass this error. And best of all, you can continue using the same ‘fake’ Customer:Job for each of yours ales receipts; there’s no need to go back and create a new customer for each new sales receipt.

To create a fake Customer:Job, open the respective sales receipt and type “Sales Receipt Customer” in the Customer:Job field. Note: you can choose any name you would like for your fake Customer:Job name, Sales Receipt Customer is just an example. Next, click on the “Quick Add” button to add the Customer:Job to the sales receipt, and voila, you’re finished!

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