How To Merge Two Customers In Quickbooks

silhouette of a crowdQuickbooks allows users to merge (combine) customers together for better organization. If you previously set up two customers which come from the same company or organization, then you may want to merge them together. This won’t effect the outcome or past transaction information, but it will make your accounting easier with fewer customers. To learn more about the steps necessary to merge multiple customers in Quickbooks, keep reading.

Note: once you merge two customers into one, you can’t go back and undo the changes. Make sure you this is something that will benefit your business before proceeding to the next step. You can always add customers from scratch again, but this will take additional time.

To get started, log into your Quickbooks account and click on the “Customer Center” at the main menu. From here, select the tab labeled “Customers and Jobs.” This should bring up a list of all the customers associated with your Quickbooks account. Scroll through the list until you find one of the two customers you wish to combine. Click on the customer’s name to continue.

After clicking on the customer’s name, you’ll see a new window appear with a whole list of new options. Choose the “Edit” button and change the name of the current customer to the same name as the customer you wish to merge it with. The name has to be exactly the same as the other customer; otherwise, the two won’t merge together. If you aren’t sure of the other customer’s name, go back to the previous screen and scroll through your current customers until you find it. Make a note of the name and use it to rename this customer. As long as you entered the same name as a previous customer, Quickbooks will prompt you asking to confirm the merge. Double check to make sure the names are correct and select “Yes” to confirm the merge.

When the merging is complete, go back to check your list of customers. A successful merge should result in a single customer named. If there are any problems or issues with the merge, you’ll likely see both of the previous customers listed. In this case, go through the steps outlined here once again.

Of course, you can also merge two jobs in Quickbooks using the same process. Rather than bringing up a list of customers, you’ll need to access a list of jobs. Simply rename the two jobs under the same name to merge them into one.

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