How To Add, Delete and Edit Journal Entries

2008 DIARY/PLANNERRecording new journal entries in a Quickbooks account is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly interface. In fact, most new transactions and events are recorded automatically without any necessary action on your part. When an employee creates and sends an invoice to a client, for instance, it’s automatically entered into your Quickbooks account. While most actions such as these are automatically entered, there are others which require manual work. To learn more about adding, deleting and even editing Quickbooks journal entries, keep reading.

In the event that you need to manually record a journal entry into your Quickbooks account, click on the “Company” button at the top middle bar followed by “Make Journal Entries.” A new window will then appear asking for all your information regarding the entry. The process of recording a new journal entry is pretty straightforward; you enter in the account number, debt/credit amount, memo (note: adding a memo isn’t required), name, etc. Once you’ve entered in all of the information for your new journal entry, you can then select either “Save & Close” or “Save & New” at the bottom right of the screen.

Following the steps previously listed will allow you to create new journal entries in a matter of minutes. But how exactly do you edit a journal entry that you already made? If you or someone else made an error on a journal entry, you’ll have to go back and fix it to ensure future problems don’t arise. Start by selecting “Company” and “Make Journal Entries” from the Quickbooks home screen — similar to the steps of recording a new journal entry. Rather than entering the information for a new journal entry, however, you’ll need to locate the entry which requires editing. To do this, click on the “Previous” button at the top left corner of your screen and continue scrolling through the entries until you’ve located the correct one. From here, you can make the necessary changes to fix any errors previously made to the entry. This includes elements like name, account number, credit/debit amount, etc.

You can also delete an entire journal entry with it loaded as well. You should see a Delete Journal command at the top of your screen. Before clicking it, double check to make sure you’ve selected the appropriate entry. Remember, there’s no way to ‘undelete’ a journal entry. Once it’s deleted, it’s gone forever. Alternatively, you can void an entry instead of deleting it.

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