How To Delete a Customer Payment

Deleting a payment that’s already been deposited in your Quickbooks account is a bit more difficult that standard payments. Since the payment is officially processed, you’ll need to wipe it from your account; otherwise, the transaction will affect your entire balance. The good news is that Quickbooks offers a simple solution to this problem. As long as you follow some basic steps, you can delete a deposited customer payment in minutes; here’s how you do it:

Wrong Customer

Did you accidentally attach the payment to the wrong customer in your Quickbooks account? If so, you will need to create a duplicate payment for the appropriate customer. From the main menu, select “Customers,” followed by “Receive Payment.” Enter in the appropriate amount for the payment and click “Continue” when you are finished. This will attach a duplicate payment to the right customer, but you will still need to go back to delete the payment associated with the wrong customer. Unfortunately, there’s no way to simply transfer a payment from one customer to another.

Deleting The Original Payment

To delete a customer payment, click on the “Customers” menu, followed by “Receive Payment.” You should see a “Receive Payments” window with all of the customer’s previous payments. Scroll through until you find the erroneous payment that needs deleting. Depending on how long ago the payment was sent, you may need to go click on the “Previous” button to find it. Doing so will allow you to search through older payments and transactions associated with the customer.

After locating the payment, click on the “Edit” button next to it and select “Delete Payment.” After clicking “OK,” you will be asked to confirm the deletion of the selected payment. As always, double check the payment to ensure it’s the correct one. Once you’ve verified it’s the erroneous payment, click the confirmation button to save your changes. The payment should now be deleted from your Quickbooks account.


You can go back and reconcile your Quickbooks account to make sure the deposit was in fact deleted. You can read our previous blog posts about how to reconcile a Quickbooks account, but the process is pretty straightforward. Quickbooks has come a long ways over the years, adding several key features and improvements which are designed to make account reconciliations a breeze. Take a few minutes to go through the process to ensure the original payment was in fact deleted.

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