How To Void a Check In Quickbooks

void-check-1Whether your business is small, large or anywhere in between, you’ll likely come upon a scenario where a check needs to be voided. Quickbooks makes creating checks a quick and easy process that only takes a couple of minutes. However, voided an already created check can be a bit more difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you are still trying to figure this process out, keep reading to learn the steps to voiding a check.

Void or Delete?

Contrary to what some people may believe, voiding does not perform the same functions as deleting. Before performing either one of these actions in your Quickbooks account, it’s important that you fully understand the differences between them. Deleting check will not only prevent the transaction from going through, but it will also erase all of the data associated with it. On the other hand, voiding a check will prevent the transaction from going through while leaving all of the data (client name, date, account number, etc.) intact.

Voiding a Check

To void an already created check, fire up Quickbooks and select the “Banking” menu. From here, click on “Use Register” followed by choosing the appropriate account. This should pull the account tied to the specific check in question. Scroll through all of the checks until you find the one that needs voiding. After opening up the check, you should see an “Edit” button — click it. Along with numerous other options, a “Void” button will appear. Simply click the “Void” button and your check will cease to exist. Any transaction attempts using this check will be returned.

Remember, though, just because a check is void doesn’t mean the client’s details are gone.  The check number, client’s name, amount and date will remain on file in this same location. If you need this information in the future for any reason, simply refer back to the check.

Of course, voiding a blank check can be performed in a similar manner. The only difference, however, is that you’ll first need to create a check with a $0.00 balance. After the check is created and the appropriate client is attached, you can then follow the same steps previously mentioned to void it. After voiding the blank check, you’ll want to click on “Record” so it will go into your history. Sorry if you were expecting more, but that’s all it takes to void a check in Quickbooks!

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