Quickbooks Time Tracking

time-tracker-1Time Tracking is a highly useful add-on feature to Quickbooks that allows you to track employee work time. If you have employees who are paid by hourly wage and not salary or commission, then you’ll need to keep track of their time; otherwise, it’s a guessing game that will end up costing you in the long run. The good news is that Quickbooks Time Tracking is designed specifically for this reason. Once you’ve enrolled in this program, you can integrate it into your Quickbooks account for fast and easy employee time management.

First and foremost, you might be wondering if Time Tracking is truly necessary. After all, there are tends of thousands of businesses who use Quickbooks without this feature. While you can certainly perform accounting operations without it, using Time Tracking is resourceful for contractors and similar small businesses who need to report their work time. For the price, adding this feature onto your Quickbooks account will prove to be well worth the initial investment.

Once you’ve signed up for Time Tracking, you will then need to log in to your account and click the “Preferences” button under “Edit.” You will then be prompted with a question asking if you wish to turn on the Time Tracking feature. Select yes and continue through the setup process.

You should now be at the main Quickbooks screen with all of your tabs off to the left-hand side. Click on “Payroll and Employee” and then select “Company Preferences.”  If you look closely, you should see a box that says “use time data to create paychecks.”  Assuming you wish to use the Time Tracking feature, click on this box and continue to the next screen.

With this feature activated, your Quickbooks account will now automatically account for employees’ time data. Before it’s able to do this accurately, however, you must go into each individual employee account to manually update their information. Edit each individual employee in your Quickbooks account and choose whether you want to use an automatic timesheet or enter the data by hand.

Using the Quickbooks Time Tracking feature isn’t difficult, but it does require a few minutes to set up. Follow the steps outlined here to get this feature up and going on your Quickbooks accounts. Once it’s activates and working, Time Tracking will automatically account for employees’ time, which in turn will make accounting ten times easier on you.

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