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Comparing Quickbooks Pro vs Quickbooks Premier

qbpremier-1Because of it’s ease of use, Quickbooks has become one of the most popular types of accounting software on the market. It makes handling all of your company payroll and accounting a breeze, even if you have no previous experience in dealing with these issues. Two of the most popular types of Quickbooks are the “Pro” and “Premier” products, both of which offer their own unique advantages. If you are interested in using either one of these products, keep reading for a more detailed comparison.

Quickbooks Pro

The first product we’ll talk about here is Quickbooks Pro, which starts at $249.95. As the name suggests, this is a product version intended for medium to large sized businesses who require more than just the basic features. If you are running a small business, you might be able to get away with using the online version of Quickbooks Plus, which is just $39.95/month. It’s a much cheaper solution, but it doesn’t come with all the features and abilities of Quickbooks Plus.

So, what kind of features does Quickbooks Pro offer? In short, it allows you to manage employee payrolls, track sales, print and pay bills, track expenses, create invoices, send emails, use the Quickbooks Search to easily find past invoices and documentation, handle receivables, invoice multiple customers at once, scan and deposit checks from the comfort of your computer, track time, and much more…

Quickbooks Premier

A more complete version of Quickbooks is the Premier package, which starts at $399.95 for the desktop version. As you can see, it’s a substantial increase in price from the previous version. Is Quickbooks Premier worth the price? There’s no easy answer to this question, as it really depends on your specific accounting needs. Quickbooks Premier comes with all of the same features as Quickbooks Pro but with some additional items. Let’s take a look at what the extras are with this all-inclusive Quickbooks package.

One of the greatest advantages to using Quickbooks Premier is the ability to use their Inventory Center. This neat little tool allows you to easily locate inventory tasks from a single user interface. Quickbooks Premier also has the business plan feature included. Using this tool, you can plan out your business endeavor and even forecast your upcoming sales and expenses. While there’s no way of telling exactly how much money your business will spend in the future, the tools offered with Quickbooks Premier will estimate your future spending based on based amounts.



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