5 Big Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Small Business

What channels does your small business use to promote its products or service and interact with its audience? Even if your small business operates locally, you should consider using email. Email marketing offers several benefits that can help your small business succeed.

#1) Customer Service

You can use email marketing to improve your small business’s customer service. It offers a direct line of communication between your small businesses and its customers. Maybe a customer wants to know if your small business has a product in stock, or perhaps a customer wants to when your small business will be open. Regardless, you can use email marketing to communicate with customers while achieving a higher level of customer service.

#2) High ROI

Email consistently tops the charts as offering one of the highest return on investments (ROIs) of all marketing channels. One study found that the average ROI of email marketing is 3,600%. If you spend $1 on email marketing, for instance, it may generate $36 in revenue for your small business. You won’t find that kind of ROI with other marketing channels.

#3) Long-Lasting

Email marketing is long-lasting. Once you’ve convinced a customer or prospective customer to sign up for your small business’s newsletter, you can send him or her emails. Newsletter signups imply permission. Customers and prospective customers will give you permission to send them emails upon signing up. And you can continue to send them emails for as long they stay subscribed.

#4) Personalization

Another benefit of email marketing is personalization. Rather than sending the same generic emails to all customers and prospective customers who sign up for your small business’s newsletter, you can send them personalized emails. Personalized emails are customized with information that’s unique and specific to each recipient. You can mention their names in the emails, or you can mention the products or services they’ve purchased. Regardless, email marketing makes it easy to create personalized correspondences such as this.

#5) Measurable

It’s worth mentioning that email marketing is measurable. As a form of digital marketing, you can track the results of your small business’s email marketing campaign. You can see how many recipients opened your small business’s emails, how many clicked the buttons or links in those emails, and you can see how many recipients converted by making a purchase. Email marketing is completely measurable, which makes it easy to optimize and improve.

What are your thoughts on email marketing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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