5 Tips on Pitching Your Business to Investors

When seeking financing for your business, you may have to step in front of investors. There are different forms of financing, including debt and equity. Debt financing is the act of borrowing money from a lender. Equity financing is the act of selling an ownership stake in your business to an investor. If you’re going to use the latter financing method, you’ll have to pitch your business to investors.

#1) Convey a Unique Value Proposition

Conveying a unique value proposition will help you secure equity financing from investors. There are nearly 32 million small businesses in the United States, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As a result, you must show investors that your business has a unique competitive edge over its counterparts. This is where a unique value proposition comes into play. A unique value proposition is something that distinguishes your business from the rest.

#2) Highlight Case Studies

In addition to a unique value proposition, you should highlight case studies when pitching your business to investors. Investors want to see data backing up your idea for a successful business. Assuming your business is new and still in the early stages of being rolled out, you may not have any data on hand. However, you can always use existing case studies that you find online. Look for case studies that reveal similar businesses and their respective level of success.

#3) Keep It Short

You should keep your pitches short and concise. Investors are busy people. They have to research prospective businesses to determine which ones to invest in, and they have to provide advice and recommendations to the businesses in which they invest. If you’re going to pitch your business to an investor, keep your pitch short and concise.

#4) Speak With Confidence

The way in which you speak when pitching your business to investors will influence your chance of securing financing. Speaking with confidence will increase your chances of success. Investors want to know that you believe in your business. With a confident tone, they’ll feel more comfortable buying an ownership stake in your business.

#5) Offer Realistic Projections

You should offer realistic projections when pitching your business to investors. Financial projections are an important part of a pitch. They provide insight into how much revenue your business is expected to generate in the future. Offering realistic projections shows investors that you are honest.

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