The Benefits of Using the Audit Log in QuickBooks

The audit log is an invaluable feature of QuickBooks Online. Available under the “Settings” menu, it allows you to view and audit changes made to your account. You can always pull up your chart of accounts to view financial data. The audit log, however, reveals other types of data that aren’t found on the chart of accounts.

Find Deleted Transactions

You can use the audit log to find deleted transactions. There are instances in which you may need to delete a transaction. If a transaction was voided or otherwise not fulfilled, for instance, you may want to delete it. Deleting the wrong transaction, though, could prove disastrous to your books. With the audit log, you can easily find deleted transactions.

Track User Sign-Ins

You can track user sign-ins with the audit log. Not all QuickBooks Online accounts are managed by a single user. Some of them are managed by multiple users. If other users have access to your QuickBooks Online, you may want to track sign-ins with the audit log. Tracking sign-ins will allow you to see when and who signed in to your QuickBooks Online account.

Identify Original Transaction Dates

Want to find the original date on which a transaction occurred? Look no further than the audit log. With the audit log, you can identify original transaction dates. The audit log goes back two full years. As long as a transaction occurred in the past two years, it will appear on the audit log. You can identify the original amount and date of the transaction by pulling up the audit log in QuickBooks Online.

Track Bank Account Changes

You can track changes to your bank accounts in the audit log. Maybe you added a new bank account, or perhaps you removed an existing bank account. The audit log shows bank account changes such as this. Users who make changes to bank account-related information are given the “Online Banking Administration” profile in the audit log.

Find Automatic Changes

The audit log doesn’t just show changes made manually by you or other users; it shows automatic changes. Automatic changes are those that QuickBooks Online makes automatically to your account. If you use a third-party app, for instance, QuickBooks Online may make changes to your account automatically. Regardless, you can find these automatic changes in the audit log. The audit log includes both manual changes and automatic changes.

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