How to Upload Documents to QuickBooks From Your Smartphone

Want to upload documents to one or more transactions in QuickBooks? Assuming you use the Desktop Plus or Enterprise version of QuickBooks, you can upload documents from your smartphone.

Intuit offers a mobile companion app for QuickBooks. You can download it for iPhones or Android handsets. Using the mobile companion app, you can upload documents to QuickBooks. There’s no faster or easier way to attach documents to transactions than by using the mobile companion app.

Check the Format

Before uploading documents to QuickBooks from your smartphone, you should check the format. You can’t upload just any type of document. Rather, you’ll have to ensure that the document’s file format is supported by QuickBooks. As long as it’s supported, you can upload the document from your smartphone. If it’s not supported, you’ll need to convert the document into a supported file format before uploading it.

Supported file formats include the following:

  • PDFs
  • JPEGs
  • GIFs
  • PNGs
  • HEICs

Uploading Documents From an iPhone

To upload documents from an iPhone, launch the QuickBooks mobile app and sign in to your QuickBooks account. You should see an option to upload documents on the app’s home screen. Tapping this option will allow you to take a photo with your iPhone so that you can upload it to Quickbooks.

Alternatively, you can upload a photo that’s already saved on your iPhone. Just tap the photos icon, after which you can select the photo on your iPhone. The QuickBooks mobile app will allow you to customize the photo before uploading it. You can crop and resize it, for instance.

Uploading Documents From an Android Handset

You can upload documents from an Android handset as well. The QuickBooks mobile app is available for both iPhones and Android handsets. If you have an Android handset, you can upload documents such as photos to QuickBooks.

After launching the QuickBooks mobile app on your Android handset, tap ‘Documents” next to “Snap and Upload.” You can then tap the name of your business, followed by “Continue.” Tapping the ‘Snap Document” option will allow you to take a photo with your Android handset. If you want to upload a photo that’s already on your Android handset, tap the photos icon rather than the camera icon. When finished, tap “Use this photo.” The QuickBooks mobile app will then upload the photo to your QuickBooks account.

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