An Introduction to Invoice Statuses in Quickbooks

You can create, send and manage your business’s invoices in Quickbooks. Invoices, of course, are bills that you send customers to collect payment. When you send an invoice to a customer, it will be considered part of your business’s accounts receivable until the customer has paid it. While Quickbooks makes it easy to create, send and manage invoices, though, you may encounter some unfamiliar statuses. Quickbooks may assign a status to your business’s invoices, some of which include the following.


The open status means that the respective invoice hasn’t been sent yet. Creating an invoice isn’t the same as sending it. You can create invoices in Quickbooks without necessarily sending them. Any invoice that you create but haven’t yet sent will feature the open status.


The paid status, on the other hand, means that the respective invoice has already been paid by the customer to whom it was sent. Invoices are essentially bills. Customers who receive an invoice will be requested to make a payment. Only after a customer has paid his or her invoice will the invoice feature the paid status. The paid status indicates that the customer has paid it.


The overdue status means that the respective invoice is past its due date. It’s essentially the same as the open status; the only difference is that invoices with the open status aren’t past their due date, whereas overdue invoices are past their due date. When you create an invoice, you’ll have to specify a due date. Customers who fail to make a payment by this date will have an outstanding invoice with the overdue status.

Delivery Issue

You may discover some invoices with the delivery issue status. It denotes a problem with the delivery of an invoice. Invoices are typically delivered via email. To send an invoice via email, though, you’ll need to know the customer’s email address. If you enter the wrong email address, Quickbooks may fail to deliver it. Instead, the invoice may feature the delivery issue status, meaning it wasn’t successfully delivered.


Finally, the voided status means that the respective invoice was canceled. You can void an invoice after creating it. If you accidentally entered the wrong amount when creating an invoice, for example, you may want to void it. Voided invoices are canceled, so they won’t affect your business’s finances.

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