What Are Centers in Quickbooks Desktop?

Quickbooks Desktop has become one of the most popular accounting solutions for businesses. It’s the locally installed version of Intuit’s signature accounting software. Intuit offers Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop. The former is cloud based, whereas the latter is locally installed. When using Quickbooks Desktop, though, you may encounter Centers. What are Centers in Quickbooks Desktop exactly, and how do you use them?

The Basics of Centers

Centers are portals for specific types of information in Quickbooks Desktop. There are three specific Centers available in Quickbooks Desktop. They consist of the Customers Center, the Vendors Center and the Employees Center.

You won’t find Centers in Quickbooks Online. Rather, this feature is exclusive to Quickbooks Desktop. Centers are designed to help business owners, as well as accounts, access information in Quickbooks Desktop more quickly.

How to Use Centers

By using Centers, you can access information more quickly. You won’t have to click or navigate through a bunch of links. Instead, you can pull up the Center for the information that you are trying to access. To access information about your business’s customers, for example, you can pull up the Customers Center. To access information about your business’s employees, on the other hand, you can pull up the Employees Center.

Using Centers is pretty straightforward. Just pull up the Center for the information that you are trying to access. As previously mentioned, there’s a Center for Customers, Vendors and Employees, each of which contains information about the respective group of users.

When you pull up a Center, you’ll see a list of names in the right-hand column. These are the names of the users added to the Center. For the Customers Center, you’ll see a list of all of your business’s customers in the right-hand column. Selecting a name and clicking the “Transactions” tab at the top will reveal all of the transactions for that user. You can also edit the user’s information in the top-right corner. If the user’s information is wrong or outdated, clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit it.

In Conclusion

Quickbooks Desktop is loaded with features that can streamline your accounting efforts. One of these features is Centers. There are three Centers in Quickbooks. You can use Centers to quickly view, as well as edit, information about your business’s customers, vendors and employees.

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