5 Common Data Damage Errors in Quickbooks

Have you encountered a data damage error when using Quickbooks? Quickbooks is dependent upon healthy data. You can’t use it to track your business’s finances without maintaining healthy data. There are instances, however, in which data can experience errors. If the data within the Quickbooks software itself or the data within your company file experiences an error, you may not be able to access it. Below are five of the most common data damage errors.

#1) Error -1650

The error -1650 typically means that your company file is experiencing an error. When trying to load your company file, you may notice a message box containing this error. With the error -1650, there’s an internal problem within your company file that needs fixing. Fortunately, you can typically resolve the error -1650 by restoring a backup copy of your company file.

#2) Invalid Open Balance

Another common data damage error in Quickbooks is invalid open balance. As the name suggests, this involves an incorrect opening balance for a given transaction. It can occur if a transaction or any of its data becomes corrupt. To fix it, you’ll need to rebuild and verify your company file, which we cover in a previous blog post.

#3) Duplicate Name

The duplicate name data damage error lives up to its namesake by triggering in the event of duplicate names. Quickbooks requires unique names for all components of a list. If two or more names on a list are the same, it will trigger the duplicate name data damage error. You’ll need to remove the duplicate name or names from the list to resolve this data damage error.

#4) Open Payee in Cache

While not as common as the other data damage errors described here, you should still be on the lookout for the open payee in cache error. This data damage error occurs when there’s already a payee open or being accessed in your Quickbooks account. To avoid this data damage error, Intuit recommends not editing or otherwise updating any payee that is used for payments.

#5) Error -6000

Finally, the error -6000 is a common type of data damage error in Quickbooks. It’s a general data damage error that occurs when Quickbooks is unable to open your company file. The error -6000 usually involves a corrupted file. If either the transaction log file, the network descriptor file or the data source name file are corrupt, you may notice this error.

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