How to Find Uncleared Checks in Quickbooks

Are you trying to find uncleared checks? Whether you’re making a deposit or payment, it typically takes a few days for banks to clear a check. Until this happens, the respective check will remain in an uncleared status. You can easily find uncleared checks, however, if you use Quickbooks. Quickbooks offers a reporting feature that allows you to filter checks by their status, thus revealing which checks have cleared and which checks haven’t cleared.

Run a Bank Report

The easiest way to find uncleared checks in Quickbooks is to run a bank report. In Quickbooks Online, you can run a bank report by navigating to the “Accounting” menu, followed by “Chart of Accounts.” From here, select the bank account for which you’d like to search for uncleared status. You can then select “Run Report” under the “Action” menu.

Filter By Uncleared Status

Assuming you followed the steps listed above, you’ll need to filter the results of your bank report to pinpoint your uncleared checks. There are several filtering options available, one of which is uncleared status. For the “Report period,” menu, click the drop-down button and select “All Dates.” Next, click “Filter.” You should then see a box labeled “Cleared.” Clicking this box will allow you to choose “Uncleared.” This option will essentially filter the results by the uncleared status. In other words, you’ll only see uncleared checks associated with your selected bank account.

Sort By Cleared Status

In addition to filtering by uncleared status, another way to find uncleared checks in Quickbooks is to sort by cleared status. You can do this by going back to the “Accounting” menu and selecting “Chart of Accounts.” Next, select the bank account for which you are trying to find uncleared checks. After pulling up the bank account, click “View Register,” followed by “Run report” under the “Action” menu. For the “Report period” menu, choose “All Dates.”

You should see a menu labeled “Sort.” Clicking this menu will allow you to choose sorting options, one of which being cleared or “Clr.” Selecting the cleared status sorting option will place all of the cleared or uncleared checks at the top of the results. Using either this method or the former method, you can easily find uncleared checks in Quickbooks.

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