What Is a Workflow in Quickbooks?

Have you come across workflows when using Quickbooks? If so, you might be wondering what they are used for. While not available in all versions of Quickbooks, some of them feature workflows. It’s an optional feature that can help you automate many common accounting tasks. What is a workflow exactly, and how does it work?

Overview of Workflows

A workflow is an automation feature that’s available in Quickbooks Online Advanced. Using it, you can automate the delivery of payment reminders, in-house emails to your business’s employees and other messages. With a workflow, you can create messages that are only triggered if one or more conditions are met. Quickbooks will check for your specified conditions, and assuming they are met, it will send the message to the appropriate individuals.

Types of Workflows

There are many different types of workflows available to create. Some of them are designed for invoices. When you create a workflow, you can choose the option to automatically send customers their respective invoice.

There are also payment received workflows. A payment received workflow is a message that’s sent to customers following their payment. It’s designed to notify customers that their payment was received and accepted by your business.

Another type of workflow is payment due reminder. As the name suggests, this type of workflow is designed to remind customers that their payment is due. When the due date for a customer’s payment is approaching, Quickbooks will automatically send him or her a payment due reminder message.

Of course, there are workflows available for employees as well. You can set up a workflow to automatically send reminders to your business’s employees. Alternatively, you can set up a workflow to notify your business’s employees about invoices that need to be sent.

Benefits of Using Workflows

The main benefit of using workflows is increased productivity. It will save you time by automatically sending messages to your business’s customers and its employees. It only takes a few minutes to set up a workflow. And once set up, it will automate all messages. You won’t have to manually send messages to customers or employees. Quickbooks will do it for you thanks to the workflow.

There’s no additional charge for using workflows. Assuming you use Quickbooks Online Advanced, you can access and use this feature free of charge.

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