5 Tips on How to Go Paperless in Your Office

How much paper do you typically use in your office? Research shows that office workers in the United States use an average of 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Some workers, of course, use far more paper. If your office is cluttered with paper, though, you should consider the following tips on how to go paperless. By making just a few small changes to your workspace and daily work activities, you can reduce or potentially even eliminate the need for paper.

#1) Take Notes on Your Smartphone

Many office workers create notes on printer paper or sticky notes. A better idea, however, is to use your smartphone for note-taking. Whether you own an Android- or Apple-powered smartphone, you can download a note-taking app. Note-taking apps live up to their namesake by allowing you to take notes on your smartphone.

#2) Use a Whiteboard

In addition to your smartphone, you can use a whiteboard to create notes and other temporary messages. A whiteboard, of course, is a dry-erase board that supports the creation of temporary messages. After writing a message on a whiteboard, you can erase it with a dry cloth.

#3) Scan Documents

To truly go paperless in your office, you’ll need to invest in a scanner. Using a scanner, you can create digital copies of paper documents. Rather than keeping large file cabinets full of paper documents, you can convert those documents into digital files. Known as digitizing, it’s become increasingly popular among office-based businesses.

#4) Use Credit or Debit Cards for Business Purchases

When purchasing products or services associated with your business’s operates, use either a credit or debit card. Why is this important? If you pay for a product or service using cash, you’ll only have a paper receipt. Using a credit or debit card, on the other hand, creates a digital trail. The vendor may still give you a receipt, but you’ll also be able to access your financial records digitally to view the transaction information.

#5) Recycle

You may not be able to eliminate all the paper in your office. Nonetheless, following these tips can help you go paperless by significantly reducing the amount of paper your office uses. And you can always recycle any remaining paper in your office — assuming you don’t need it. Even if it has ink on it, most types of printer paper is recyclable.

Have anything else that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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