How to Unmatch and Delete Downloaded Transactions

detective-152085_960_720Still struggling to unmatch and/or delete downloaded transactions in your Quickbooks account? Intuit’s popular and long-running line of Quickbooks accounting software is the preferred choice among thousands of small business owners and professional accountants. It’s loaded with features while still emphasizing the importance of simplicity. However, some users may have trouble finding specific features, such as the ability to unmatch and delete downloaded transactions. If this sounds familiar, keep reading for a step-by-step solution.

Assuming you’ve matched one or more downloaded transactions in Quickbooks and wish to unmatch them, you can do so by logging into your account and choosing Transactions > Banking > double check the account card at the top > In Quickbooks > now find the transaction you wish to unmatch. If there are dozens of transactions listed here, click one of the column headers to sort them by date, description or other properties. Once you’ve found the appropriate transaction, click the “Undo” button in the Action column.

Of course, Quickbooks makes it easy to unmatch multiple transactions at once. Simply follow the steps listed above, but instead of choosing each individual transaction, check the box to the left of the transactions. When you are finished selecting all of the appropriate transactions, select the Batch actions drop-down menu, followed by “Undo.” This will automatically unmatch all of the transactions you had previously selected, saving you time and energy.

You can also unmatch a transaction from your register in just a few easy steps. From your Quickbooks home secreen, choose Transactions > Chart of Accounts > View Register (for the row in which the account is located) > Edit. From here, choose Online banking matches > Unmatch. This should unmatch the transaction from your register, at which point it can longer be accessed.

Now if you wish to delete a transaction from your Quickbooks Register, you’ll need to access Transactions > Chart of Accounts > View Register > select the transaction you wish to delete > Delete > Delete Both (this deletes the transaction from the transaction register and downloaded section.

As noted by Intuit, there’s an alternative way to delete a transaction from the Register. Simply choose Edit > More > Delete > and select Yes when prompted. Deleting a matched transaction using this method ensures both that both the transaction and the downloaded transaction will be deleted. Once the deletion has finished, the transaction will no longer appear in your downloaded transaction section.

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